Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Admit

Jake's up at Primary Children's today and tonight. It's his first full-drug cycle since January (they omitted the Dactinomycin while he was doing radiation.) We're crossing our fingers waiting to see if adding that back in makes him nauseated. He's enjoyed not having that the last two admits.

Chris is with him today. Tonight I'll drive up and we'll switch so Chris can go to work tomorrow. Jake and I should be home by noon if all goes well.

Hmm, this is an awfully boring entry. I feel the need to be funny. I know--how about The Post of Why?

Why does a 14-year-old go from smiling to scowling in seconds?

Why do nostalgia foods from my childhood never taste as good when I make them?

Why does laundry never end?

Why do The Cookie Bakers of the Night cook at night? And why do their cookies run away?

Why does it take a week or more to lose a pound and only 15 minutes to gain one?

Why is there snow on the ground outside my window?

Why don't children come with instruction manuals?

Why haven't I written anything but blog posts since I returned from Left Coast Crime?

Why am I happier today than I was yesterday when my life is still the same?

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LAGiles said...

Abby and I enjoyed our visit with you and Jake the other day. Thanks for sharing a bit of your day with us. And I agree with you - kids need instruction manuals - especially teens and pre-teens!