Tuesday, March 4, 2008

#8 and #9

8. Topical steroid cream: over the counter, to put on the skin around his eye that's getting quite red and sensitive from the radiation.

9. Neosporin with Lidocaine: to put on Q-tips and use inside his nose, which is getting fissures from his constant blowing. (Let's face it, there's a lot of junk coming out of his sinuses these days.)

Oh, wait! I thought of #10 . . .

10. Sick siblings: Matt and Emma both stayed home from school today with fevers and sore throats. Jacob decided to quarantine himself at Grandma and Grandpa Sudweeks' new house. You know, the one with the big screen TV. I think it's very noble of him :)

And if there's a #11--I hope it waits until I'm in Denver for the weekend. Let Chris have a turn :)


sharpest family said...

Just think you're already past the 8 week mark! Hooray! I'm no good at math either but I know it's now a lot less than 52 weeks to go. Your family is amazing and strong and I'm so glad that I know you and I can learn from you. You're amazing Laura. I can't say that enough. I just love ya so much.
Oh I just did the math, it's 44 so it's almost like being pregnant again. 40 weeks, so this is the morning sickness phase. Hopefully it will be easier soon. I'm sure there will be some more bumps but for the most part I'm praying you'll get some smooth sailing soon, you've earned it!

Sheryl Cottle said...

Hey Laura, I have been reading your blog and our prayers are with your family. I was reading the part where Jacob likes Supernatural, and I told my daughter,(who is obsessed with all things Supernatural) and she said she would love to share her books and dvd's and comics with Jacob to fill some time with. She has a couple different books, a novel and the book of Monsters, Spirits Demons and Ghouls. Let me know if he's interested. She has season 1 and 2 on DVD. Good luck this week!