Thursday, April 24, 2008

We're Off

Chris and I, that is. Okay, so we didn't make it to Maui in January like we'd had planned. But Zions National Park isn't a bad second. Easy to get to, sunny, warm and no kids. What's not to like?

We'll be gone until Sunday. Grandma and Grandpa Sudweeks are filling the gap with our children. (Thank you!) Fortunately, Jake's temperature has finally come back to normal this morning. He never did get rid of it in the hospital. They cultured him twice and gave him two rounds of IV antibiotics before we came home Tuesday just in case, but it's obviously just a virus and his blood counts are strong enough right now to handle it.

He had fluids the last two nights to help him over the first difficult days after chemo when he doesn't want to eat or drink or do much of anything but sleep. This morning he's up (well, on the couch) watching another Deal or No Deal that he recorded. So all is right with his world.

And his hair is growing back in very nicely after the two weeks of no chemo. Too bad it's just going to fall out again. At least we know it will come back in the end!

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