Friday, April 4, 2008


Jake and Troy, our favorite radiation tech

Troy and Nancy getting Jake ready

The mask is locked down on the sides and top so he doesn't move. The small white squares are the guide marks so that his position was always precisely the same (the table he's on goes up and down to get him lined up with the laser dots coming from the walls--I swear, it was like being inside a sci-fi film). A wonderful tech named Debbie decorated the mask for him--we brought it home when he finished radiation and have it in his bedroom. He has a bite blocker in his mouth to keep his teeth and mouth still and in position. The table itself was narrow and hard and the room was always freezing--the techs got used to grabbing at least three heated blankets every time we came. Once everyone left the room and the 12-inch thick lead-lined door was closed, Jake got to lie there for 15-20 minutes while the machine moved around him and delivered its radiation at precise locations. The only real hardship Jake experienced during these sessions was the time Troy forgot to change the music and Jake had to listen to country.
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sharpest family said...

It totally looks like something out of a sci-fi show! You're one tough kid Jake! I'm so proud of the way you have handled this trial in your life and the great example you are to me and my children. You've got such a good attitude. I know that our loving Father in heaven will bless you 100 fold. It's quite a compliment from Him actually. He KNOWS you and knows how strong you are to have given you such a big trial. Thanks again for your example. May God continue to be with you and strengthen you until He heals you!
Sister Sharp

Melinda said...

And he thinks his biggest hardship is listening to country music! What a kid!