Monday, April 21, 2008

Scan Day

Thank you Dr. Million.

Thank you Hunstman Cancer Institute.

Thank you Radiation Oncology department (Troy, Nancy, Glen, Diane, Debbie . . .)

Today, I would pay every dollar of our 35, 996 dollar bill for radiation myself without blinking.

The tumor is gone.

According to the MRI Jake had this morning, there is absolutely no sign of tumor or tumor markers left where just three months ago there was a tumor the size of a lime. We knew it had shrunk, of course, since it was so obvious in his cheek in January. But we hardly dared hope for this.

Now we start on the next 26 weeks of chemo to mop up any microscopic cancer cells hiding in his blood. In fact, we're in the hospital right now waiting for inpatient chemo to begin. It might be a while, because he's running a fever and they have to culture his blood. But hey! We've already picked up where we left off on Survivor three weeks ago and we have another season waiting in the bag. Plus Jake's favorite game show is on tonight, Deal or No Deal.

Personally, I could watch any amount of mindless entertainment tonight. It's a good day. The best day since January 2.

And tomorrow Chris and I will celebrate our 16th anniversary.

We've already got our present :)


JessK said...

Hooray for tumors being gone! Happy anniversary too. :)

sharpest family said...

Congratulations!! I cried when I read that the tumor is gone. We've been praying and hoping for that news! I'm so, so, so happy for you. That's so wonderful. Good luck with the rest of the chemo now. This will all be just a memory someday and I'm sure a learning experience. Seriously, think of all you've learned, I think everyone in your family could be a nurse now. Good work!

Melissa said...

Happy tears for you! Melissa from Nauvoo

Sherise said...

Hooray, Hallelujah, and Happy Anniversary!!