Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Blood Came

And we're home. Pulled in just as Emma and Spencer we're getting home, so all is well.

I didn't mention that we also spent several hours yesterday at Primary Children's. Jake had a follow-up eye exam with Dr. Hoffman. Still 20/20--can't get better than that. His optic nerves are a little paler than normal--Dr. Hoffman says that's indicative of damage and almost certainly due to the radiation. They'll keep an eye on it (no pun intended!)--we go back in January for another eye exam.

Yesterday they sent us across the street to the Moran Eye Center for two further tests that he had the first week in the hospital. One where he's hooked up with probes on his ears and the back of his head that measures brain wave and optic nerve activity and also a visual field test to check peripheral vision. He came through both just fine--the first test showed that his left eye (where he got the bulk of the radiation) had slowed down almost imperceptibly in reaction times (a couple thousandths of a second) but statistically unchanged from January.

The good news just keeps adding up and we treasure it.

Oh, and how's this for coincidence? Today there was a little girl being transfued next to us--turns out it was the same girl that had her last chemo in the room next to Jake's last week. The nurses commented to her about going in to sing and she told them "I only have to come back for scans now."

Ah, joyous day.

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sharpest family said...

Sounds like things are going very well. I'm so happy to hear it! Good luck with the next and final 5! Yay, only 5 more!
We miss you guys and think of you often.