Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jacob's Thoughts on One Year Ago

(Posted January 3, but written January 2)

Wow. That is all I can say after exactly a year of being diagnosed. Wow to lots of things but mostly wow to the fact that as i'm looking back I have no idea how I actually managed to get through this. Looking back I've realised how hard it should have been when In the midst of it all I hardly thought any-thing of it. I just felt it was normal every day stuff, and now I'm going into after-shock realizing how hard it really was. But so many good things have come of it that I can honestly say getting cancer Is one of the greatest things thats ever happened to me. I've learned so much and I now have a much different outlook on life.

Now Reading back over my moms early posts I feel so strange and I've realised how calm I was in those first four days when I had every reason in the world to panic. Looking back on treatment I think that the hardest week for me was the very last week of radiation when my mouth and throat hurt so bad that I ate nothing and I'd lost 17 pounds. Now exactly a year later it is 11:40 pm and got out of bed twenty minutes ago because I really felt that I needed to wright this now before the day is over. Well I'm almost done all that I have left to say is thank you. Thank you Dr. Afify and Dr. Million. Thanks for all the nurses at primary childrens. Especially Irish, Mitch, Karen, and "The Guy" Ben. Thanks for all the great radiation techs at huntsman especially Troy, Glen, and someone else who's name I cant remember now. Finally thanks for all of you people who didn't even know who I was and had never met me but still kept track of my progress and prayed for me despite not knowing me, thanks for all of that. It has been a hard but great year for me. Good Bye.

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