Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jacob . . .

is officially Off Treatment.

OT, as it's referred to on the rhabdo list I belong to. The only acronym I like better is NED--No Evidence of Disease. Jacob attained that status in April, after radiation killed the tumor. And he's still NED today, according to his last treatment scans taken yesterday.

Now I have a page in front of me that is our roadmap for the next 10 years.

Year 1: MRI and chest CT every 3 months

Year 2-3: MRI and chest CT every 4 months

Year 4-5: MRI and chest CT every 6 months

Through Year 10: annual visit for blood draws and exam

There are plenty of secondary things we'll be watching for, side effects of the treatment rather than the cancer. These include delayed sexual maturity (I'm sure Jake will be delighted that I told you that), bone damage in the radiation field (including the teeth), and possible secondary cancers years later (such as osteosarcoma from the radiation and leukemia from the Cytoxan.)

But for now, I actually got Jake to admit that he was excited today. That may have been just a ploy to get me to buy him clothes, but sue me. My 12-year-old is OT and NED. And we are all H-A-P-P-Y.


Jennifer said...

YEAH!!!! I was just explaining to my son that when we call him "Ned" it's a wonderful thing.

Best wishes in this funner part of the journey.

JessK said...

Hooray hooray!

Brooklyn, Matt and Cai said...

Wonderful news indeed! We are so happy for Jacob, and for you!

sharpest family said...

Congratulations Ned!!!!!!! That's the most wonderful news I've heard in a while! I like the picture of him too.

Katydid said...


April said...

Soak in the sunshine. :) We all should enjoy the brighter days ahead.