Saturday, June 21, 2008

Odds and Ends

1. Chris has the magic touch where time management is concerned. He took Jake to his clinic appointment Monday and it was the fastest on record. They were out of there in 40 minutes and that included accessing Jake, drawing his blood, and giving him a full dose of Vincristine. How come that never happens when I'm around?

2. The reason I wasn't in clinic on Monday was because I drove Emma and Spencer to Camp Hobe that morning. Camp Hobe is a camp for kids with cancer and their siblings. This week was for those ages 6-12, so off we went to introduce Emma and Spencer to the concept of camping. (It's not like it's gonna happen anywhere else--at least not in our household!) I picked them up Friday afternoon. Judging by the amount of dirt engrained on them and their clothes and the non-stop high-volume chatter during the ride home, I'd say it was a smashing success.

If you want to take a look at Camp Hobe and its mission, here's the link:

3. Jake is inpatient today and tomorrow (that's Monday and Tuesday, ignore the part above where it claims to be Saturday, I got distracted in the middle of this post). I'll drive up later to spend the night and let Chris come home. Jake doesn't waste any time settling in these days--he just goes straight for the DVDs and "How long until I get out of here?" demands. Can't say that I blame him.

4. It's hot. I am grumpy about it.

5. On our summer vacation countdown, it's 3 weeks finished, 8 to go. School starts again on August 18.

6. And on a slightly more fun countdown (for the kids' sake, I'm perfectly happy counting down to school starting), 5 weeks from today we'll be somewhere in the Caribbean Sea doing nothing but eating and sleeping and generally relaxing.

I think I can make it that long.

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April said...

I wish I was counting down to that vacation, it sounds great. Jake is a real trupper. You're quite the mom!